Volunteers wanted!

Organizing a festival is very demanding, with many tasks to carry out: from communication, building the exhibitions to welcoming the visitors. But it is also a great experience: you meet many inspiring people, who are passionate and engaged in photography at the higher levels. At the same time you contribute to enrich the cultural life of our country. Would you like to be part of our team? Are you available during the period of 17. August to 10. October 2022? Great! Please, write to info@fotofestivallenzburg.ch, describing who you are and how you think you could help.

As a thank-you for the help of our volunteers, the Fotofestival offers:

  • 1 Day (8 hours): Festivalpass, Opening VIP-Apero
  • 2 Days (16 hours): 2 Festivalpasses, Opening VIP-Apero, 1 pass for an FFL event or workshop of your choice
  • From 3 Days on: 2 Festivalpasses, Opening VIP-Apero, free entrance to all FFL events and workshops, travel costs reimbursement, free drinks and meals during your stay in Lenzburg
Sounds interesting? Then write to us!

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