Ngadi Smart
Wata Na Life

Venue: Müllerhaus

Project description

In “Wata Na Life,” Ngadi Smart addresses the global water crisis, examining in particular the connection between climate change and water in her country of origin, Sierra Leone. She layers various realities of the subject in individual images, creating a collage of effect that seems truer than purely documentary depictions. In her work, water truly becomes an element and a resource, not just a subject.

Author Biography

Ngadi Smart is a Sierra Leonean photographer based in London, United Kingdom, and Côte d’Ivoire. In her photography she focuses on documenting cultures, subcultures and intimacy. Often her works speak about how people identify themselves. Her goal is to show what it means to be African:in. Her work has been featured on CNN, British Journal of Photography, Vogue Italia, Atmos Magazine and I.D Magazine.


Müllerhaus, Bleicherain 7, 5600 Lenzburg